Which is better internet leads vs. telemarketing leads, secrets from an insider

Lead Hustler sets the industry standard, providing the highest quality health insurance leads. The reason? Prior to founding Lead Hustler, I personally sold Health, Life, and Supplemental insurance, in addition to add-on plans like Dental, Vision, and Accident plans.

Having this personal, hands-on industry experience gave me the expertise needed to deliver world-class results. After all, I know EXACTLY what you are looking for, because I was looking for the same things when I was buying leads and selling insurance products for more than a decade.

Back in 1999, which I first got into the business, things were going amazingly well in the health insurance industry and wasn't all that popular in Phoenix Arizona yet, which made it the perfect time to get in the game. After graduating from Arizona State University, I got my first gig selling health insurance. The telemarketing leads we got were solid, and had enough information so that we had a general idea of what our prospects had, insurance-wise, which let us assemble a comparable package that could save them money. What we got was a lead that contained a contact person's name, phone number, current insurance, and their age. The contact rate was quite high, and most of the people we called were interested enough to at least hear you out and set up an appointment to let you go visit them at their office. What more could you ask for? At that point, I, as the salesman, was the one who needed to make the "magic" happen, once I got face to face with them, to get them to sign the dotted line ...


The Dramatic Rise (And Fall) Of the Internet Lead

Then came the digital age, and the 21st century was here. Although flying cars hadn't arrived like they told us they would, one thing we DID have access to be this new, less expensive, "exotic" lead option available for health insurance sales people called "internet leads!".

Most people in the insurance business at this point were old school. So old school, in fact, that they still printed out each lead and kept them in binders, handing writing notes and info on their appointments as they went along. Using and filling out a form on the computer because they wanted an insurance quote was in a way, the new "sliced bread" of leads.

I must say that when these internet leads first became available, they were really a game changer! You could get a high quality lead at about a third of the prince, as compared to telemarketing health insurance leads, and in some cases, you got even more and better information, including this new (at the time) thing called an "email address" that most salesmen really didn't know quite what to do with.

For those of us in the industry, those were high times. Selling insurance was super easy for a period of about five years, thanks to the high quality of those new internet leads. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and after about five years, we noticed a dramatic deterioration in internet lead quality. The internet lead vendors used just about every dirty trick in the book to squeeze as much money as they could out of every lead they made, right down to amending the definition of the word "exclusive.".

Internet leads changed the Webster definition of "exclusive" to meaning more than 1?


Early on, "exclusive" meant exactly what you think it means. If you buy a lead, it's yours. It's not sold to three, five, or half a dozen other guys, but that didn't "work" for the internet lead companies. They figured they could make better profits if they sold your "exclusive" lead to several people. Another dirty trick they started doing is offering a "prize" (Free laptop if you complete this form!) The problem here, was two-fold. First, there was almost never an actual laptop, and second, most people who filled out the form didn't even bother to read it. They just clicked through as quickly as possible in order to get their "prize." Most of the time, when you called "leads" based on this information, the person you're talking to would tell you that they just filled out the form to get the laptop, and they weren't actually interested in insurance at all. Needless to say, the combination of these two dirty tricks sent the whole internet lead industry spiraling down the toilet faster than the Tidy Bowl man.

It was a jarring, utterly disappointing transformation to behold. I can't tell you how many times I got lured by the promise of "exclusive internet leads" only to make a phone call, sometimes literally seconds after getting a lead emailed to me, only to be told "I already signed up for insurance yesterday!" or "You're the fifth person to call me about insurance today-- I'm NOT interested!" Well so much for standard definition of exclusivity, right? The sad part is the internet vendors did it to themselves and greed caused them to kill the "golden goose". They completely ruined their own industry. I don't know of anyone today who puts any faith or value in internet-based leads.


By 2005, insurance sales people like me were in an awful predicament. Internet leads were cheap, but you 'd have to slog through ten of them to get a single appointment. They were cheap, but getting a single appointment would eat up huge amounts of your time. Telemarketing based leads were way better quality. So what to do? Pay a little money and spend a lot of time getting appointments, or spend a lot of money but save time? It was a "damned if you do, and damned if you don't" kind of situation. Decisions, decisions ... The old proven method of telemarketing came back into vogue.


The answer was crystal clear that the lead game had come full circle internet leads were just a flash in the pan and greed of the internet lead vendors ended up killing this option once and for all. The tried and true telemarketing leads quality and what you paid for them still backed out at a higher return on your investment thus paying more now meant making more later. People still like talking to people more and statistically will give more truthful information when speaking to another person than typing out a form online. With Lead Hustlers exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads you can rest assured you are getting what you pay for as all calls are taped for both internal verification and we will even send you our client any tape on any lead for them to be the judge as well. Our company moto is "when in doubt don't send it out" as quality is what you pay for and what you get with all of Lead Hustlers leads and telemarketing services.